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 Imagine yourself locked in a room
with ONLY 1 hour to escape!!!

 The DESTINY of your success depends totally upon your ability to uncover clues, solve riddles and crack codes in the room which will allow you to ESCAPE.....
IF this CHALLENGE sounds like your idea of fun,
please click on the purchase tickets tab and book your adventure!!

The cost is only $24+tax!!!
Reserve a private room for $150+tax!!!

~ up to 8 / additional guests $24+tax ~

***Please note:  If you do not book the entire room there is always a possibility you will be paired with others!
Not seeing the day/time you want???  Please call 903-630-5310 or email and we will do our best to accommodate. 
~Please arrive 10 minutes early~All sales are final~Refunds, reschedules, and cancellations are not accepted~




1950 Murder Mystery of a Hollywood Starlet you have one hour to use your detective skills to solve this murder mystery!  You will need to find out who killed her, how she was killed, the time of her murder, and escape...ALL before the killer returns !!!!  

download (1).jpg


Do you have what it takes to go undercover in Special Operations!!   You will need to enter the office of an international spy who activated a bomb to destroy valuable information.  ​In order to survive and be successful with your mission, you must uncover the name and location of Agent 777, diffuse the bomb, and crack the code to the internal locking device which has you captive in his office.  ​



You will need to find out if the Alchemist was able to invent gold from the the comment element!  If he was, WHERE IS THE GOLD?!? Is the Alchemist dead or alive?!?  You must find out and escape before the King's men find you snooping around the castle or you will be executed by decree from the King!!!



It's a dark and dingy night and your car has just broke down, the only thing you can see for miles around, is a motel.... You decide to walk inside, upon entering the motel you notice that you and your team are the only people in the building, as you decide to leave you then realize that the door has been locked from the outside. You will have to figure out how to escape this crazy motel before the person who locked you in returns.  We believe his name is Norman !!!!

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US..."In the summer of 2015, we experienced our first ever escape room, we were blown away by the incredible camaraderie and bonding that it brought to our family. (we worked together as a team and escaped the room.) My wife, my kids and I were so impressed with this wonderful family experience, that we decided that we needed to share that same experience with others.
I KNOW you'll love it !!!!!"
      -Richard (Owner-Tyler & Longview Escape Room)

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